I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a two-part workshop entitled Experiment/Play/Create at the Photo & Film Expo 2017. I will share how I fall in love with photography time and again as I continue my journey of discovery through play and experimentation!

Experiment/Play/Create: Make the shift from Image-Taker to Image-Maker


try out new ideas or methods.


engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.


bring (something) into existence.

This workshop comprises of a talk followed by a practical component later on the same day.

Part 1. Experiment/Play/Create
This talk will be hosted at the In Focus Stage at 10.00 to 10.45 am on Saturday 28 October 2017.

Reignite your passion for photography through personal projects.
Learn how to choose projects that matter to you, so that you can do more of what you love, and less of what you don’t.
Plan to see a project through from beginning to end.
Develop time management skills to make time for your personal work.
Experiment with photographic and lighting processes.
Create images that reflect who you are as an artist and photographer.
Build a unique portfolio that will grow with you over time.

I will share the evolution of my own work from image-taker to image maker. Discussing in-camera techniques like slow-sync flash with motion blur and multiple exposures. Showing creative lighting techniques like working with colour gels. As well as post-production techniques like alternative print processes and new media methods like digital-manipulation and cinemagraphs.

Part 2. Experiment/Play/Create
This practical demonstration will be hosted at the Live Demo Area at 13.00 to 14.30 am on Saturday 28 October 2017.

Practical look at how I combine some of the creative techniques discussed in Part 1 to create surreal imagery. Visit my Conceptual Gallery for a preview of the type of imagery we will be creating! Below are some examples from the Photo & Film Expo workshops hosted in 2014 and 2015!

Photo & Film Expo 2017 speaker and contributor Natalie Field

Photo & Film Expo 2017

This year the Photo & Film Expo is mixing things up a bit, not just changing up the speakers and exhibitors, but also the space. It will also be the first time the conference has a theme: Bootcamp. With an emphasis on getting Back to Basics of your craft, I thought it a good time to look back on what made you fall in love with photography in the first place. And see how you can incorporate that into what you do today!

This talk is for everyone who enjoys having fun with their camera and wants to create something out of their box. In fact, I encourage you to consider yourself apart from the label you wear, be it fashion, architecture, food, baby or wedding photographer. To remember that first and foremost, you are an artist!

I believe in the importance of community and sharing, so please do support the event and the speakers (yes, that includes me)!

Catch my talks at the Photo & Film Expo 2017 at these times and venues:
Saturday 28 October – 10.00-10.45 – In Focus Stage
Saturday 28 October – 13.00-14.30 – Live Demo Area

In association with Phogarty, Vanguard and Photon!

Photo & Film Expo 2017 speaker and contributor Natalie Field associated brand ambassador