Natalie Field to present on the Vanguard stage at the Photo & Film Expo 2015.

As you may already know, I will be a speaker at the Photo & Film Expo again this year, where I will be demonstrating how to set up and light for creative in-camera techniques on the Vanguard stage.

The images created will form part of a new body of conceptual portraits entitled “Animal Within”, which explores the themes of Animalism and Zoomorphism. Animalism is the concept that we as humans are intrinsically animals, set apart from other creatures simply by our cognitive thinking… our self-awareness. We are organized chaos, our intellectual mind often at war with our animal instincts. I will portray this inner struggle through movement and dance, using camera effects to capture double exposures and motion blur. I have chosen these techniques as I want to introduce chance into the work, allowing the movement and flow to bring something to the image that can not be predicted or totally planned. I am currently studying the effects of Automatism, a technique developed during the Surrealist movement that shifted creation from conscious control to chance. Thus I will be employing in-camera techniques such as coloured lighting, freeze photography, motion blur and a combination of all three for the final presentation. The theme will be emphasized through the addition of animal attributes to the human form, but that you will have to come see for yourself!

For a more detailed discussion you can listen to this podcast of my interview with MixFM’s Manie Grove in the second half of his “Photography Show” on Monday the 19th.

19th, 10am: Colouring your Light

An introduction to in-camera techniques and the theme for “Animal Within”, highlighted by a practical demonstration on creating coloured lighting through the application of gels. Field will show how this technique can be used to fill the shadows of your low key portraits to shoot unique images with vibrant colours.

Series 1 of 4

20th, 10am: Capturing Movement – Freeze Photography

Practical demonstration on how to freeze motion in a studio environment where high sync shutter speeds are not attainable. Field will talk about the gear and settings required to capture the decisive moment in your experimental portraiture work.

Series 2 of 4

21st, 10am: Capturing Movement – Motion Blur

Practical demonstration on how to combine flash and continuous light sources in a studio environment. This lighting set-up will enable you to use shutter drag to shoot motion blur trailing into a sharp image.

Series 3 of 4

22nd, 10am: The Unexpected Image

A culmination of the 3 techniques taught during the expo, Field will combine coloured gels, freeze flash and long exposure to create the unexpected image. This session is sure to inspire you to go home with a renewed eagerness to experiment and play.

Series 4 of 4

The event takes place at the TicketPro Dome (formerly known as the Coca-Cola Dome) inĀ  Johannesburg from the 19th ’till the 22nd of November. You can catch me on the Vanguard Stage at 10am daily. There will also be an opportunity to sign up for my workshop mailing list and one-on-one Q&A sessions in the dedicated lounge, so come chat to me afterwards.