We don’t live on an island, we are each connected to each other, sharing our life journeys. I did my first workshop shortly after being appointed Brand Ambassador for Photon and Vanguard respectively, as a way of getting the products in front of a wider audience. Little did I know then how rewarding speaking, sharing and motivating would be; and how it would influence my personal work as well. So today I want to share the creations of the attendees of the Conceptual Portraiture Masterclass, and thank them for walking this road with me.

Conceptual Portraiture Masterclass. Interpretations by Arlene Mullins, Corinna Tannian and Mark Straw.

This small and intimate workshop on creative thinking was hosted at the GBP studio on the 31st of March, and was focused on each attendee producing an image for their Conceptual Portraiture Portfolio. To facilitate the process each participant was asked to pull two “props” from a hat,  to brainstorm around and create something amazing. The theme for the day was Delicate Spring, inspired by keywords such as beige…shadows…flowers…lace… As our model, Sarah Forsyth, and attendee, Mark Straw, had access to war memorabilia, I thought it would make for an interesting twist to add these elements to suggest the concept that from conflict comes change, growth and rebirth.

This is their reinterpretation of the theme and concept:

“Delicately Dangerous” by Arlene MullinsArlene_Mullins

Props: Chair and Ammunition Belt
Arlene had the following to say prior to the workshop:
“I am blown away with your professionalism which is so very rare in today’s times! Thank you for your inspiring emails keeping us informed with information regarding the workshop we will be attending. It already makes every cent spent very worthwhile. I am so excited to spend the day with you learning and sharing!”

“Tour of Duty/Ghost of Beauty” (set) by Mark StrawMark_Straw

Props: Helmet and Gun
Mark had the following to say about his experience:
“I attended Natalie’s conceptual masterclass to further myself as an artist. I received expert guidance with a review on past work and advice which made me look more critically at the first version of the images produced from the masterclass. Each one of us were asked to pull two props from a hat. We then had time to conceptualize our shoot around these random props, which meant that each shoot was totally different from the next. It was a learning experience watching each participant bring their own unique concept to life.”

“Distorted Growth” by  Corinna TannianCorinna_Tannian
Props: Ivy and Radio
Concept: “The radio represents the deafening noise pollution of media and media platforms in the 21st Century.  The ivy represents growth, rebirth, emotional journey; as well as strangulation / stunted growth due to the current noise we experience every day through media. The muted treatment is suggestive of how the media mutes us in some ways.”
Corinna says:
“So awesome,. So happy it was such a success. I’m so proud to call you my friend. Am going to make you proud this year with my creations.”

And she absolutely already has! I’m so excited that there is a growing community of artists, who create photographs outside of their work schedule, for the love of it! So remember why you picked up the camera in the first place, remember to shoot what you love, and play a little every day!

Many thanks to my amazing team
Sponsors | Vanguard
Studio | GBP Studio
Fashion | Lace Dresses from Brand Institute
War Memorabilia from Kedar
Model | Sarah Forsyth
MUAH | Tris Alves
Photographic Assistant | Mamaki Rakotsoana

FX3_8037-2_WEB Concept_Team_WEB

A special thank you to Gavin Blok from GBP Studios for this awesome team photo!