High key lighting refers to a style of photography accomplished in a studio environment, in which the overall image is intentionally bright and lacks contrast. Traditionally used for white-on-white photography, the subject is photographed against a white background in tones above mid-grey.

The clear images created using this technique place emphasis on beauty and clarity, and generates a light and happy response in the viewer. Besides being popular in beauty and lifestyle photography, it is also used for product photography.

I wanted to feature our model, Larné Human, in an ethereal white-on-white themed series with a splash of muted Spring.  A special thank you to all those who attended, and my awesome team that make the magic happen!
Natalie_Field_Photograhy_High_Key (2)_web
Natalie_Field_Photograhy_High_Key (3)_web
Natalie_Field_Photograhy_High_Key (4)_web

Capture & Retouching | Natalie Field
Photographic Assistant | Mamaki Rakotsoana
Fashion | Threads of Rosemary
MUAH | Carina Wheeler
Model | Larné Human

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