I have a special announcement to make: Natalie Field Photography is now a distributor for Photon and Vanguard gear!

For those who have been following my journey, you are well aware that I became brand ambassador for Photon studio lighting and accessories and Vanguard bags and tripods in 2013. For a blast from the past visit the archived blog post here.

The last two years have been exciting and busy as we set out to promote the brands and products. I wrote several product reviews, held Creative Lighting workshops, did a couple of Kameraz Super Sundays and presented at the Photo & Film Expo last year!

It seems only natural that the next step is to start selling to photographers directly, focusing on the high end products that I have tried and tested.


From the Photon side there are ample choices to start with. Studio flash heads come in air- and fan-cooled options of 300, 400 and 600W. These can be purchased as single heads or as 2-piece kits with stands and aluminium case. Modifier options are endless, including the following reflectors: Standard, Narrow Beam, Super Narrow Beam, Wide Beam, Super Wide Beam, Honey Comb, 4-Way Barn-doors, Diamond, Double Ring, Back Light and Snoot. Soft-boxes are available in rectangular or octoganol shapes in various sizes, with the largest octobox having a 2m diameter. All the usual paraphernalia like umbrellas, stands and additional bulbs are also available. Photon also offers a couple of mobile strobe lights with battery packs, and will be releasing a new continuous light range shortly!

On the other side Vanguard offers two products every photographer needs: Tripods and Camera Bags.

In today’s digital age there are two photography tools that I feel are being neglected: Light meters and Tripods. The latter is important for more than just a stable shot at low light. When shooting food or products it allows you to style the shot without having to re-frame it every time, giving you more control. For me it is most valuable when creating fantasy portraits, as I can shoot various elements on the same background, making it much easier to stitch together in post. Whether shooting on location or in studio, the modern technology applied by Vanguard makes their tripods light, versatile and dynamic, allowing you to frame every shot with ease. Tripods are available from entry level to pro, but more importantly the different ranges are aimed at answering various photographic needs. The Havanna series is comfortable and stylish and designed for adventure and Alta Pro tripods offer capture at more angles with legs that extend independently. The lightweight Veo collection is designed for travel, while the heavy-duty Endeovour collection is engineered for extreme sport. My favourite, off course, is the Abeo series designed for professionals. I am currently shooting with the Abeo Pro 283CGH Carbon Tripod w/GH-300T ball head with pistol grip. Vanguard also offers monopods and table tripods for your product photography needs.

Vanguard’s Photo and Video bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes from back-packs, shoulder bags, sling bags, trolley bags, messenger bags and holsters! While aesthetically pleasing, their designs focus on functionality, with various ranges designed for travel, journalism, and every day use. When choosing a camera bag look for an option with padded protection for your gear, instant access, tripod holster and rain cover. If you really want to protect your gear they also produce cases, which are air, dust and water resistant up to 5 meters.

Off course we have some an initialization offers: 10% off on the products I have in my kit!

Photon: Photo Studio 2pc 400w Fan-cooled Kit at R9 585. Normally R10 650, Save R1065
Vanguard: Abeo Pro 283CGH Carbon Tripod w/GH-300T at R6 291. Normally R6 990, Save R699
Vanguard: Vanguard Skyborne 53 BackPack at R3591. Normally R3 990.00, Save R399

Prices valid for 2 weeks Only! Offer ends 3 July 2015. Delivery 3-5 working days.
For more information contact us at sales@nataliefield.photography!