Natalie Field Photography releases Marvel: the SS15 lookbook created for fashion designer Rumbie by Rumbie.

The garments featured in today’s post were designed for South African Fashion Week 2015! Rumbie by Rumbie was nominated as one of five finalists in SAFW 2015’s Marvel Fashion Hero Search. Rumbie is a Zimbabwean born designer whose brand is inspired by her Shona name: “Rumbidzai” which means Praise. The brand taps into au courant designs inspired by the breathtaking qualities of various cultures. Rumbie By Rumbie’s cornerstone is in the beauty of a ‘paradox’ style which is silent yet comprising of loud and noticeable intricate details.

The brand was created for the woman who dares to be different, but loves to be simple. She is edgy and sophisticated, demanding presence in her style without screaming for attention. Rumbie’s work is coming of age at a time when fashion in Africa is growing across many countries internationally. The brand is currently the official representative of Zimbabwe at World Fashion Week in Paris 2014-2016. She has previously represented the country on various notable platforms such as Mozambique Fashion Week in 2013 and Africa Fashion Reception, Nigeria in 2014.

Having competed at a continental level, Rumbie was selected as one of five up-an-coming designers to create a fashion range inspired by Marvel’s iconic Avenger’s characters. This award rewarded her with a grant towards creating the line and having it featured on the runway in celebration of the 2015 release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron”!

Rumbie describes her design inspiration behind the range:
“Super heroes are known to be fighters, to be tough, strong and always in battle. This collection explores ‘The other side of the coin,’ which is full of the emotion and empathy that motivates them to fight. Our designs touch on the heart of each Avenger through soft, feminine and figure flattering silhouettes. We designed unique fabric prints on natural fabrics inspired by each character’s iconic symbols and colors to compliment the styles and to enhance each designs’ aesthetic appeal.”

Here are a few extracts from the proposal that won her the award, showcasing her fashion illustrations of the concepts.

RBR Marvel Avengers Booklet-5_1
RBR Marvel Avengers Booklet-4
RBR Marvel Avengers Booklet-6


Naturally we were over the moon to be involved with capturing the line for her lookbook! To tie in with the theme we used a background with a sci-fi feel that wouldn’t distract from the garments. Our model Lauern-Anne Brink’s natural red hair was the final touch to a surreal look. We also played with the Diamond Reflector from the Photon modifiers range, which gave a beautifully dispersed hard light, with gorgeous speckled catch-lights in the eyes!

High fashion photographs of Marvel inspired designs by Rumbie by Rumbie featuring superheroes against sci-fi background, capture Natalie Field Photography

High fashion photographs of Marvel inspired designs by Rumbie by Rumbie featuring superheroes against sci-fi background, capture Natalie Field Photography

For more from this lookbook visit the gallery here.

Capture | Natalie Field
Retouching | Natalie Field
Photographic Assistant | Mamaki Rakotsoana
Fashion Design | Rumbie by Rumbie
MUAH | Kirled Lash
Model | Lauren-Anne Brink