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Natalie Field

A not-so-short history of the artist and her work.

Natalie Field was born in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in 1982. As an adolescent she fell in love with art; working primarily in pencil, pen and acrylic paints.

After her secondary education Field took time off to travel extensively through the UK, Turkey, Poland, France, Egypt and a great deal of South-East Asia. It was during this time that she fell in love with photography. “The myriad of experiences I was exposed to has left its mark on my soul. It opened my eyes to the world around me. Inspired my photography”, says Field

Field returned home to study the art of photography at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth. She completed a 4 year B.Tech Photography Cum Laude in 2008. For her thesis Field explored a narrative approach to fashion photography. She was inspired by a shift towards conceptual storytelling in the 1990’s, which it explored cultural and societal themes beyond the scope of fashion: “the conscious subject of its narrative”. This shift signalled a move from the elite to the street; from Haute Couture to Prêt-A-Porter. As a result, a new marketing technique was developed to sell product image rather than mere products. From this movement two opposing styles were born: snapshot (or grunge) photography, and the cinematic approach.

The body of work Field created reflected the latter. By applying techniques such as framing, sequencing, and cinematic lighting, staged events were captured as stills from a film. The body of work secured her the opportunity to exhibit at the Design Indaba as an Emerging Creative. One of the images went on to win the title of “Image of the Year” in the Fuji Film Professional Awards in 2009.

In early 2009 Field established her company, Field Photography, focusing on fashion, beauty and other commercial avenues. In 2011 Field Photography relocated to Gauteng.

At the same time, she was invited to participate in a group exhibition at the ArtEC in Port Elizabeth entitled “Now in 4 Rooms”.

“When curator Sandy Coffey first approached me for the exhibition ‘Now in Four Rooms’, she suggested the theme ’till now’. Rather than taking it literally and exhibiting work that have marked my career ‘till now’, I would represent the knowledge and skills I have developed in my time as a photographer and digital artist to create a new body of work: a reflection on my process rather than the works themselves. To this purpose, I further explored my interest in photo manipulation as an art-form. Using digital technology as an essential tool in the creative process, elements from everyday scenes captured in digital photographs, scanned negatives and digitized objects have been deconstructed to reconstruct them into new realities. The highlight of this collection is a 3 piece series entitled “On the Other Side”. Inspired by Paul van Dyk’s song of the same name, this is an interpretation of the lyrics “…when I close my eyes and reach the light, see you on the other side…”. A sense of mystic developed throughout these pieces, each imbued with its own narrative.

In 2012 Natalie Field had her first editorial published in Dossier magazine, and in 2013 her work could be seen in Sass Diva (now Zuri) stores nationwide. Field is currently brand ambassador for both Photon and Vanguard, a role which has seen her move into education. Field currently offers workshops and one-on-one training sessions, and she was a speaker at the Photo & Film Expo in Johannesburg in 2014 and 2015.

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